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What is deliverance ministry?

Deliverance ministry is addressing demonic spirts which are affecting a person and driving them out which leads to the person experiencing freedom from the demonic influence, bondage, or torment. (Mark 1: 21-29)

A common debate among believers is the relationship between Christians and demonic spirits. The most frequently asked question is "Can a Christian have a demon?"  We must first realize what the term "demon possessed" means in the Bible. The Greek word translated "demon possessed" in English is daimonizomai which means to be under the influence, to be under the power, in the grip of, be influenced by, or have a demon. The more accurate term would be to be "demonized".  Daimonizomai does not mean ownership and demons do not own or fully control Christians as the Lord Jesus Christ rightfully owns believers and has purchased them with His blood.   Christians though, can be under the influence, power, or control of demonic spirits in certain parts of their life.


Another common objection regarding Christians and demons is the belief that "a demon cannot reside where the Holy Spirit dwells"

There is something that must be understood here, which is Christians are a 3 part being                             (Spirit - Soul - Body).  

At salvation, the spirit of a person is made new (2 Cor 5:17)  The spirit is perfect, 100 % saved, and ready for heaven. Demons are not in a person's spirit as this is where Holy Spirit resides. (1 Cor 6:17)  The spirit of a person is made new at salvation but the soul (mind, will, emotions) and body are not made new and are subject to demonic influence.


Demons can keep people bound in addictions, mental and emotional torment, and make the body sick.  Whatever area of a person’s life has not come under Lordship and control of Holy Spirit can be influenced by a demon.


Demons come into peoples lives in 3 basic ways:

  • generational sin

  • a persons own sin

  • being sinned against   

If all demons left when a person gets saved why would you  ever need to do deliverance, just get them saved. Deliverance is simply part of the sanctification process of a believer which separates them from spiritual darkness.

If you are in need of deliverance please click "contact" button below and fill out request for deliverance session. We will contact you.

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